The French Press is one of the most popular and simple preparation methods. Also known as a punch pot, it is easy to use. You don’t even need a paper filter. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to some important points during the preparation. This step-by-step guide will help you make the perfect cup of coffee with your French Press.


Zuerst wird der Kaffee für die Zubereitung in der Frenchpress gemahlen. Before you start, the whole bean must be ground naturally. We recommend that you choose a coarse, sea salt-like degree of grinding.


Der nächste Schritt bei der Frenchpress Zubereitung ist das Aufwärmen der Kanne. Before the ground beans come into your French Press, you should preheat or rinse the punch pot with hot water and then empty it again. After you have preheated the pot, the ground beans come in and are ready to be infused.


Der nächste Schritt bei der Frenchpress Zubereitung ist das Aufgießen des Kaffees. The water will be boiled again. If it bubbles, wait about 30 seconds until you pour it over your coffee. Stir the coffee briefly after pouring. Then put on the lid and press it down a little so that all the ground coffee is in contact with the water.


After the infusion, the aroma substances must extract. You should give them about four minutes to do this, but this varies depending on your taste. However, we recommend in any case: Set the timer.


Der nächste Schritt bei der Frenchpress Zubereitung ist das Brühen des Kaffees. At the end of the waiting time, press the sieve slowly but evenly all the way down. It is important that you pour all the coffee out of the French Press, otherwise it will continue to brew. This can change the taste. You can find the right coffee beans for your French Press in our online shop. We recommend our J. Hornig Nuevo Oriente or our J. Hornig Illubabor as filter roasts. However, even with this method of preparation, the following applies: try it is over study! P.S.: Did you know that French Press was really invented by a Frenchman? He had forgotten the filter while pouring coffee. Because he didn’t want to start all over again, he filtered the drink with a sieve. That was the hour of birth of the press punch pot.