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J. Hornig Cerrado from Brazil

The coffee beans for our J. Hornig Cerrado come from the Fazenda Sao Silvestre in Brazil. The farm is situated on a plateau in the region of Cerrado and is operated by Ismael Andrade. Located at 1,200 meters above sea level, Ismael grows the Arabica variety Yellow Icatu. The coffee is harvested by hand, gets processed carefully, and then makes its way directly to Graz, where we roast the coffee beans by following the drum roasting method. This results in a specialty coffee with a sweet taste, a good body, and light acidity.

Filter Roast: Perfect for alternative brewing methods such as Pour Over, Aeropress or French Press.

Espresso Roast: Perfect for fully automatic coffee machines or espresso machines.

J. Hornig Cerrado Espresso Roast